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You’re ‘In’

You could get guaranteed admission to our
top-ranking university. Here’s how.

Not only is UC Riverside one of the most ethnically diverse research universities in the nation, it's a selective UC campus. That's why guaranteed admission is such an incredible opportunity.

By following the path laid out by our guarantee program, transfer students can reserve a place at one of California's premier universities.

Transfer Students:
Guarantee Your Admission

Ensure your admission to one of the top-ranked universities in the country. Our Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program allows eligible students to study at a California community college and have a guarantee of admission to UCR.

Use the UC Transfer Admissions Planner (TAP) to enter your completed and planned coursework from the beginning of your college career to help you track your progress toward meeting UCR’s minimum requirements. The TAP also serves as your TAG application and allows staff to communicate important information to you.

Plan to submit your TAG application September 1-30, 2016 for Fall Quarter 2017. You may only TAG to one UC.

1. Meet the Following Criteria at the Time of Application:

  • Complete a minimum of 30 UC-transferable semester units.
  • Earn the minimum required GPA for your intended major:
    • 3.0 for College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • 3.1 plus major preparation for Bourns College of Engineering
    • 3.1 plus major preparation for College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
    • 3.2 plus major preparation is required for Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Neuroscience.
    • 3.5 plus major preparation for School of Business Administration
  • Complete the First English Composition (UC-E) by end of Fall 2016 and Second English Composition by end of Spring 2017.
  • Non-selecting majors must complete a minimum of one UC-transferable math (UC-M) by end of Fall 2016. Students applying to a selecting major (all majors in BCOE, CNAS, SOBA, and Neuroscience in CHASS) must have minimum mathematics for major complete by end of Fall 2016.

Only students transferring in directly from a California Community College (CCC) are considered for a TAG, including international students (with a visa). The University of California defines a CCC transfer student as one who has completed more than half of their units at a CCC.

2. Complete Your TAG Contract

  • You must complete 60 semester (90 quarter) transferable units by the end of Spring 2017. Course work planned for Summer 2017 will not be accepted to meet minimum admission requirements or major selection.
  • You must complete required major preparation for your intended major. See major selection criteria at www.assist.org.
  • You must maintain the required GPA for your intended major (see above).

3. Submit a UC Application

Submit your UC application during the November 1-30 filing period and apply for your contracted major and term. You can access the UC application beginning August 1.

4. Enjoy Guaranteed Admission to UCR!

If you completed the provisions of your TAG contract and submitted a UC application: Welcome to UCR!


Email a UCR admissions counselor or call (951) 827-3411.
See campus-specific TAG requirements.

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GAP Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I am admitted to GAP, do I have to attend UCR?
A: No, GAP is non-binding. You may apply, be admitted and attend any institution of your choice.

Q: Do I have to send in transcripts with your application?
A: No, all of the information on the GAP application is self-reported; we do not require a copy of your transcripts.

Q: Is there cost for GAP?
A: No, there is no application fee for GAP.

Q: Is the GPA weighted?
A: Yes, the GPA for GAP is weighted.

Q: Do I have to take the SAT Subject Tests?
A: We do not require the SAT Subject Tests for GAP. Completion of the Subject Tests can be considered a bonus in the evaluation process.

Q: Do I have to fulfill all of the requirements? Can I have a little higher GPA and lower SAT scores or vise versa?
A: You must meet both the GPA and test score requirements to be admitted to GAP without exception.

Q: Can I take a class over the summer to fulfill the requirements?
A: Yes, you can fulfill the GAP requirements with summer school courses. You will have to send us your grades from the summer school courses as soon as you receive them.

Q: Do I have to submit the UC application in November?
A: Yes, you must submit a UC application and apply to UCR.

Q: Do I have to write an essay to be admitted to GAP?
A: No, we do not require an essay for GAP, but you will have to write a personal statement for the UC application in November.

Q: How many positions do you have open to guarantee students?
A: We are not limited as to how many students we can guarantee admission to as long as the student meets the program requirements.

Q: Does any other UC offer this type of guaranteed program?
A: No, UCR is the only campus that offers guaranteed admission.

General Campus Information

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Riverside, CA 92521
Tel: (951) 827-1012

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